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How to suggest your site?

Start from the top main categories drill down to the most best suitable category for your website and use the "Suggest a Site" link found at the top right corner of that category page. If are not able to find an appropriate category for your site, please email us for assistance at

General Instructions -

  • Your website must be in English.
  • Title must be the official website name.
  • Website placement and description used is at the sole discretion of the directory.
  • Submit your web sites to the single most relevant category.
  • Once your website is approved, it will be listed in our directory permanently, so long as it continues to meet our editorial standards.
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The following sites will NOT be accepted -

  • Sites that are under construction
  • Sites run primarily for affiliate links or banners
  • Sites with excessive ads, popups or popunders
  • Sites with duplicate content & lacking in content (empty pages)
  • Sites with Sexual/Pornographic content or images
  • Gambling/Casino & Online Pharmacy sites, portals & affiliates
  • Sites that promote Warez/ Hacking/Cracking content
  • Sites with dead links and/or missing images
  • Sites that contain excessive profanity
  • Site with Mirror pages, Doorway pages, Redirects & Cloaked URLs

Sites that contain or promote Hate, Violence & Racial Intolerance Approved websites that are later found violating any of our submission guidelines will be removed. If you find any offensive pages listed on please report the website to our knowledge at, we will remove the offensive listing immediately.