History, as the term indicates is the study of the past. Those who specialize and become interested in the documentation of historical facts have come to be known as historians. History is considered as a part of social science in the modern times. History gives a clear picture of how civilizations originated in different regions of the world, how kingdoms developed and progressed, how societies underwent progression and gives information regarding the conflicts and wars that had happened and changed the lives of people. Inscriptions, monuments, excavations are all valuable sources of information to the historians. They often classify and name different periods of time for organizing historical information’s easily. The study of history and the resultant findings have made significant contributions to many fields of science.

Website Listings

Absolute Facts

Jun 26, 2010 |

A comprehensive history guide with selections of stories about historic people and events.

Active History

Jun 26, 2010 |

Offers history games, online revision, lessons, worksheets and quizzes for school history teachers and kids.

Best of History Web Sites

Jun 26, 2010 |

The website contains annotated links to over thousand history web sites as well lesson plans, activities, and more.

EyeWitness to History

Jun 26, 2010 |

Digital publisher of educational programming presents firsthand accounts of history, illustrated with vintage photos, original radio broadcasts.

History on the Net

Jun 26, 2010 |

General history site with a range of topics, history books, posters, history DVDs, and activity resources.


Jun 26, 2010 |

Offers unrivalled access to thousands of directory listings of British history related venues, organizations and experts in the UK.


Jun 26, 2010 |

Provides interactive quizzes, worksheets, resources and internet links for secondary school history pupils and teachers in the UK.

The History Channel

Jun 26, 2010 |

Cable television station offering programming related to historical events and people.

The History Place

Jun 26, 2010 |

Informative website focusing on American history from the Colonial period to present day with online exhibits including timelines, photographs etc.

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