Rules and laws are essential for the welfare of the society and nation. From olden times itself, the kingdom or monarchy has been set for governing the affairs and leading the country to the path of prosperity. The duty of today’s government is more or less the same. But the system prevailing today has been the result of a series of evolutions which were judged by the people from time to time. Various systems of government exist today in different nations, but there are certain features in common. Many of the governing systems ensure the active participation of people and the citizens enjoy a major role in the formation of governments.

Website Listings


Jun 26, 2010 |

Portal created by the European Commission that offers new service for the professional community of eGovernment, eInclusion and eHealth practitioners.

Government Guide Australia

Jun 26, 2010 |

Comprehensive guide from Australian National Library provides sites and information about world's governments, categorized by country and topic.

Government Online

Jun 26, 2010 |

Directory of key government departments, agencies, personnel, tenders, databases and other information services for public sector suppliers.


Jun 26, 2010 |

Comprehensive portal to government sites on the web that features popular government searches and a full directory of government sites.


Jun 26, 2010 |

Offers facility to file and explore Freedom of Information requests to UK government departments and public authorities.

World World

Jun 26, 2010 |

A portal to the governments and officials of over 140 countries, regional news from every continent and information from every corner of globe.