Books have been the most popular source of information for ages. They are of many types. Magazines, periodicals, novels and all such works come under the category of books. Book stores sell books while libraries are leading lenders of books for a nominal fee. Based on the content, books can be novels, reference books, biography, comics, magazines, handbooks, schoolbooks and so on. Fictions are written for the purpose of entertainment to the readers and are often based on imagination rather than facts. Non-fictional works are often informative. E-books or electronic books have become widely popular with the prevalence of internet and computers.

Website Listings

ARBA Online

Jun 18, 2010 |

Online database for quality reviews of print and electronic reference works.

Book News

Jun 18, 2010 |

Prepares concise, descriptive reviews of new books in the sciences, social sciences, and humanities for librarians and other buyers.

Book Sale Finder

Jun 18, 2010 |

Gives information about book sales, book fairs, book auctions, and other book events held throughout the USA and Canada.

Ceramic Books

Jun 18, 2010 |

Specialize in out-of-print, used and new reference books in the specialty areas like antique ceramics, fine and decorative arts and artists.

Kew Books

Jun 18, 2010 |

Offers specialist botanical and scientific books from the scientific publications department of the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, England.

Library of Economics & Liberty

Jun 18, 2010 |

Features online Economics classics, letters to the editor, featured essays, data links by topic and more.


Jun 18, 2010 |

The company located in Jefferson, U.S, is a publisher of scholarly, reference and academic books.

Planet eBook

Jun 18, 2010 |

A collection of eBooks of classic literature, books and novels for download.

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