Reference links to a pool of information on various subjects. In the past, people depended on scholars and books to obtain knowledge. With the introduction of the mass media like radio, television, newspapers etc, the focus changed rapidly. Lately, internet has become the popular resource for information. Businesses are being promoted through all these media and they give all types of reference, whether it is about books, home or language. No significant barriers are there to access information from the media. The ease of access and simplicity of usage has made these further popular among the common man. Here you find the more information on references.

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Jun 17, 2010 |

A family friendly web site that indexes and reviews quality, credible, and current web-based reference resources.


Jun 17, 2010 |

An internet based reference service to be used as a reference and research tool for students, job seekers and researchers.

Resource Help

Jun 17, 2010 |

Provides useful international resources, newest sites, references, and informational links for internet users.


Jun 17, 2010 |

Online oxford dictionaries in Spanish, French, Italian, German and more with conjugations, audio pronunciations and forums.