Paintings or drawings made by children less than twelve years of age come under the category of child arts. The term is also used to represent the art forms meant for children and the artists who portray children in their work. A child passes through various stages to become the adult. Their art work also progresses with age. In the early stages, they will start scribbling and later they learn to make shapes. The child will start drawing at the age of five. By that time the child will develop certain basic shapes or symbols. They use the symbols to represent the surroundings and express their ideas through them. Around the age of nine, children may either give up drawing or may become more skilled in it.

Website Listings

1888 Toys

Jun 14, 2010 |

Children educational toys store offering in educational toys and learning toys for children of all ages.

Artists Helping Children

Jun 14, 2010 |

Online resource for children contains arts and crafts projects ideas like painting, coloring, drawing, and other creative play.

Bright Ring

Jun 14, 2010 |

Produces children's art activity books by MaryAnn F. Kohl that feature creative art projects for kids.


Jun 14, 2010 |

Family and parenting destination with kids' crafts, holiday fun and activities, healthy food recipes and much more.

Nugent Education

Jun 14, 2010 |

Provides children's educational activities and creative arts workshops across Merseyside Liverpool UK.

Parsley Pie

Jun 14, 2010 |

Offers children from all over Cheshire and Manchester exciting art activities, workshops and classes all year round.

Stage Coach

Jun 14, 2010 |

Provides children quality part-time education in the performing arts like drama lessons, dance classes, singing lessons and more.

Young at Art

Jun 14, 2010 |

Children's arts charity and organizer of the annual Belfast Children's Festival, an international arts festival for children.

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