Public health sector works and administers several programs to prevent diseases and promote health in a community. In short, public health department works for the overall well being of the community. The main aim of the public health unit is to keep surveillance on the unhygienic activities that contribute to ill health. The public health division plays an important part in educating the society to follow the healthy measures advocated to keep away from diseases. Immunization program is a typical example of activity undertaken by the public health sector. The division also prevents the further spreading of infectious diseases during their onset. Public health agency in a country is usually a governmental body. In addition to that, several international organizations actively take part in the major public health issues.

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Jun 28, 2010 |

A public health resources site for public health and healthcare professionals, and anyone interested in public health.

Central Utah Public Health Department

Jun 28, 2010 |

Improves and protects the health of all citizens by services that enhance the environment, prevent illness and injury, and promote healthy lifestyles.

Community and Public Health

Jun 28, 2010 |

Canterbury based organisation, provides public health services in an effort to promote health and prevent illness and hospitalizations.

Critical Public Health

Jun 28, 2010 |

Journal for researchers and practitioners working in public health, health promotion and related fields and other resources from the site.

National Association of Boards of Pharmacy

Jun 28, 2010 |

Association that assists in developing, implementing, and enforcing uniform standards for the purpose of protecting the public health.

National Association of Community Health Centers

Jun 28, 2010 |

Provides research, training and advocacy for community health centers throughout the United States.

North Carolina Public Health

Jun 28, 2010 |

Provides a wide range of programs and services, aimed toward protecting and improving the health of the people who live and work in North Carolina.

Jun 28, 2010 |

Public health employment resource online citing the various public health jobs, careers and various employment opportunities.

Women's Health Hot Line

Jun 28, 2010 |

Provides information to the media and the public on women health for the purpose of enhancing public education about women's health issues.

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