The health care industry is a very fast growing one. It is extremely easy to find a career in the medical field. Those who have a genuine interest in the field will have a compassionate mind towards the sufferings of people. Every person engaged in the profession is bound to keep the ethics of the field. When compared to other professions, the length or the period of education to become a medical practitioner is more. Tough exams have to be cleared in order to gain admission to the medical schools. The medical sector utilizes the service of medical practitioner, nurse, paramedics and so many professionals from different speciality areas.

Website Listings

American Career College

Jun 28, 2010 |

Offers optical dispensing programs and two allied healthcare programs culminating in an associate of occupational science degree.

American Seminar Institute

Jun 28, 2010 |

Offers continuing medical education or nurse education courses, activities for nursing, anesthesiology or emergency medicine.

Center for Phlebotomy Education

Jun 28, 2010 |

A comprehensive educational resource on phlebotomy for healthcare professionals who perform, teach and supervise blood collection procedures.

Education Resources, Inc

Jun 28, 2010 |

An accredited provider of continuing education courses for various rehabilitation and therapy fields.

Health Professions Institute

Jun 28, 2010 |

Private development and publishing company serving the medical transcription community.

Health Professions Press

Jun 28, 2010 |

Publisher of resources for professionals interested in wellness and aging, long-term care, eldercare, Alzheimer disease, and health care management.

Inter-Face International

Jun 28, 2010 |

Provides workshops, publications and training tools to assist health care organizations to implement the CLAS Standards and appropriate patient care.


Jun 28, 2010 |

Journal that publishes articles relevant to the theory and practice of continuing education in the health sciences.

Journal for Medical and Allied Profession

Jun 28, 2010 |

Multi disciplinary website and journal promoting education and training for practitioners.

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