Environmental health is that branch of science which is involved with the environmental factors that affect the health of general population. Both the natural and man-made environment comes under the purview of environmental health. Environmental health services are provided by various organizations. For an individual to become an environmental health specialist or a public health officer, he has to obtain a professional license. Urbanization has been adversely affecting the sanctity of the natural environment and that way the health of human beings as well. Air is getting polluted due to the smoke from vehicles, industries etc. A lot many varieties of waste products disposed by the humans pollute the water, land and the air day by day. Environment health department monitors these harmful activities and encourages those practices which are friendly to the environment.

Website Listings

Allergy Store

Jun 26, 2010 |

Offers information and products for the control of various allergies and asthma in South Florida.

American Environmental Health Foundation

Jun 26, 2010 |

A nonprofit organization established to provide research into and education on chemical sensitivity.

Argus Group

Jun 26, 2010 |

A family of companies providing comprehensive safety, industrial hygiene and environmental monitoring products and services.

Association for Environmental Health and Sciences

Jun 26, 2010 |

Association facilitates communication and foster cooperation among professionals concerned with the challenge of soil, sediment and water assessment.

DATAS Associates Ltd

Jun 26, 2010 |

Provides solutions for those involved in the management of food hygiene, asbestos removal and pest control.

Environmental Hazards

Jun 26, 2010 |

Site gives information on environmental hazards and their abatement, including asbestos, lead, mold and fungus, and urea formaldehyde insulation.

Environmental Health Journal

Jun 26, 2010 |

Online journal that considers manuscripts on different aspects of environmental and occupational medicine, and studies in toxicology and epidemiology.

Health and Environment Resource Center

Jun 26, 2010 |

Provides information for the general public on the relationship between environment and human health.

Michigan Environmental Health Association

Jun 26, 2010 |

A volunteer, non-profit organization dedicated to the improvement of health through management of the environment.

RSA Environmental Health

Jun 26, 2010 |

Provides a variety of health and safety and environmental health services like consultancy advice, project delivery and training in these fields.

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