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Most people are well aware of the importance of the health of children and how it affects the development of kids. The child has to be healthy physically as well as mentally. The baby’s nervous system and the whole body undergoes development during the childhood. Children should be given nutritious food for their growth and cleanliness is essential to prevent many illnesses. Home made food and gentle care can work wonders for small children. The developmental milestones have to be monitored closely. In cases where the moms are working, pediatric nurses are there who take care of the activities and learning of children. A child’s body is much different from that of an adult. Hence it is always better to avoid self medication and rush the kid to a pediatrician in case of any illness.

Website Listings

Child Health UK

Jun 25, 2010 |

A comprehensive online information resource on the causes, symptoms and treatments of child ailments.


Jun 25, 2010 |

Canadian Institute of Child Health focussed on protecting the health, well-being and rights of children. Website in English and French.


Jun 25, 2010 |

Offers health care information for both child and parents.

Jun 25, 2010 |

Informative site which gives professional advice and other resources on child health and nutrition.

Healthy Child

Jun 25, 2010 |

A searchable library of articles and information including vaccinations, ear infections, childhood illnesses, and various other conditions.

Your Child's Health

Jun 25, 2010 |

Children medical center in Dallas provides information on the health care, safety and nutrition of children.

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