Marketing is the hub of business which ensures that the product or service reaches the right customer. Thereby the objective of a business endeavor is accomplished. Marketing is usually visualized as the process of advertising a product. But, in reality, marketing begins well before the manufacturing or making of the product/service. It predicts and projects the consumer approval of the deliverables in every step of the venture. Hence it ensures the quality of the product. Advertising is a marketing strategy whereby the value of the product is depicted in front of the consumer. It can be done through umpteen ways. Successful marketing satisfies both the customer needs and business needs. Read more about marketing.

Website Listings


Jun 19, 2010 |

Provides information on careers in fields like retailing, product management and market research and helps to find rewarding jobs in marketing.

Guerrilla Marketing

Jun 19, 2010 |

Online magazine for small business, entrepreneurs, sales people and other kind of marketers.

Marketing Jobs

Jun 19, 2010 |

Search portal for professional jobs from across the United States in sales, marketing, and advertising.

Marketing Magazine

Jun 19, 2010 |

Resource magazine for marketers that provides marketing news and the latest marketing jobs.

Marketing Sherpa

Jun 19, 2010 |

Resource that publishes useful news, case studies, and best practices data about internet and integrated marketing.

Marketing Teacher

Jun 19, 2010 |

Provides marketing learners, teachers and professionals with resources and support on the topic of marketing.

Marketing Week

Jun 19, 2010 |

UK magazine for marketing jobs, marketing news, opinion and information, covering advertising, media, online marketing etc.


Jun 19, 2010 |

Source for online marketing resources, marketing articles, case studies, conferences and events for marketing professionals.

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