A business consultant is an expert in the field of a particular business. The consultant can be self employed or he may be working for a firm. Business consultants are usually employed on a temporary basis, especially when the company starts some new projects or when they plan to implement some new technology or business strategy. The consultant with his expertise in the sector, will provide the necessary suggestions for profitably running the business organization. The advantage of employing a business consultant is manyfold. The first thing is that the company does not have to bear the burden of appointing an extra employee as the business consultant works on a short term basis. In addition to that, a business consultant will be more specific and result oriented in their work.

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Agile Business Consultants

Jun 11, 2010 |

Provides a range of management consultancy services, ICT solutions, facilitators and facilitation services, presentation skills training and more.


Jun 11, 2010 |

Business Management consultants offers project management training and consulting to the leading business organizations.

Daniel Molano

Jun 11, 2010 |

Offers internet business consulting services, internet marketing strategies, legitimate work from home jobs, make money online resources, and more.

Epicurus Consulting

Jun 11, 2010 |

Offers solutions to the banking business and help the organization to use the various resources of the business.


Jun 11, 2010 |

Offers economics consultancy and strategy implementation for corporates.

Institute of Business Consulting

Jun 11, 2010 |

Provides resources to the business consultants and advisors to enhance the professional practice.

IPA Management Consultants

Jun 11, 2010 |

Business development group and general management consulting firm focused on small and medium-size privately-held companies in North America.


Jun 11, 2010 |

Consultancy agency based in United Kingdom, offers project management, cost management construction consultancy, programme and management consultancy services.

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